Tribute to pastor wife

How to give tribute to pastor wife? Here are Christian ideas that can give you guidelines on how to pay tribute to your pastor’s wife.

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we have had many requests through our page that we provide tributes to the pastor's wife in the church.

We know you always have pastor and wife appreciation in the church.

During the occasion then these free tributes below here will serve you well.

Tribute to pastor wife

Poems to honor pastor's wife


This morning when I was woken up the alarm of the spirit,the Lord spoke to me and told me to utter a word of prayer,to pray for you mom

For the wonderful work that you do to our church, it is a divine work that without your role then many things would not be moving the way they are moving.

You have always played a very significant role in this ministry that many us we have gone always forgetting that God raised you for a purpose and the purpose is to support pastor and be in his side always,

As I was still praying the Spirit spoke to me again and reminded me that all that we see pastor is doing, you are the pillar to him, you encourage him, advice him and make sure he is ready to come and speak to us during the divine hour,

We want to pray that may the good Lord give you more years and wisdom to keep on standing by the side of our pastor so that our church can grow and multiply as we wait for the Lord.

God bless you always.

Tribute to pastor wife

As a pastor I expect my members to always show love to me and my family members more so my lovely wife.

She is my pillar and I know the much work she done that goes unnoticed but I appreciate her very much.

We always forget that behind a successful pastor there is a wife who is supporting him to stand and to encourage him whenever he feels down.

I love when my wife tells me

Keep on keep on! When I feel like I’m broken down in my heart. Let you not think that pastors are not human being with feelings. We are 100% human being like everyone else.

What do you do to appreciate the pastor’s wife?

These are some of the ideas that have thought that you can come up to appreciate the wife of your pastor. If you are my member and you are reading this please don’t take me serous.

I’m only thinking a loud and also making wishful thinking. Meaning wishing would be done.

This can be done by the church or can be done by a member like you.


You can buy her a gift

It all depend on how much you want to spend as a church or an individual. You can buy her the best gift that a woman can appreciate .

The latest shoes or handbag can do.

My wife loves red handbag! Mmh.. if you are reading this don’t say I’m cheating on you. It is just love for you. And I’m shouting loudly.

You can also arrange and make over the house.

A surprise you can arrange a free day and go the house of the pastor and make a complete makeover. How would it be joyful then you post it in the church bulletin for everybody to read.

This would show the much love you have for the pastor’s wife and the family.

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