Christmas church prayer

Below you will find Christmas church prayer sample that you can pray a long during the occasion in church

The perfect Christmas church prayer from the bible that you can share with other fellow Christians who have come for a service.

Christmas time is a great time and moment in the church calender when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and What it means to those who believe in the work of Jesus.

I know has it has been in the Church you have prepare this day and everybody is ready to share good moments during the service probably have dinner together as a church.

There is a lot you have prepare because it is a whole year preparation and even some churches have an organizing committee that is in charge of the preparation of the event.

During this day the service will have it is own plan and here is a prayer that can open up the service for your church members.

This prayer is based on the book of Isaiah chapter 52

Christmas church prayer

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, we come before you this morning of Christmas through the name of our Lord Jesus, thanking you for allowing us to congregate here as we celebrate the love that you showed to us in that you allowed your son Jesus to be born during this day two thousand years a go, we are happy as a church from bringing us together from far and wide so that we can share the joy that comes during this occasion. We ask you not only that we celebrate but also remember the meaning of this day so that each one of us can allow Jesus Christ to be the Lord of their lives, as we continue with the fellowship of this day we ask for the Holy Spirit to be with us until we come to an end for we have prayed and trusted in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.Amen 

Christmas church prayer sample

Our precious Father Lord through the name of Jesus Christ,
We have gathered here today to remember the birth of Jesus of Nazareth
We are grateful for the gift that the Lord send to us to redeem us.
As the word of God says in the book of Isaiah chapter fifty two, Where it say that ......How beautiful on the mountains     are the feet of those who bring good news,who proclaim peace,
    who bring good tidings,    who proclaim salvation,who say to Zion,
    “Your God reigns!” Listen! Your watchmen lift up their voices;  How we pray that those words be actualized in our lives today as we celebrated together during this Christmas occasions. We thank you for your goodness that follows us and your mercies that accompanies us wherever we go. as we have joy together as a church we thank you in a special way for giving us this wonderful opportunity, continue binding us with cords that can never be broken and continue showing us the way so that we can be able to follow it and walk in it, we thank you for hearing and answering our prayer for we pray and believe in the name of Jesus Christ

simple Christmas prayer

Dear loving God who is in heaven, we come before you at hour with thanksgiving in our hearts, thank you for giving us this opportunity to fellowship together as brethren and also celebrate together this special occasion in our church calendar that is the Christmas, a day when we remember our savior was born, as we share the love that you have given us together, bind us with cords of love that can never be broken, we praise and glorify you for your everlasting love that you have for us, thank you for hearing and answering our prayer in Jesus name we pray and believe.Amen

Christmas prayer for family

Heavenly Father who is in heaven, we come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, thanking you as family for allowing us to come together as we celebrate the day Jesus was born, as we share the love that you have given us, let you power have an impact in our lives so that glory and honor will be to you, thank you for hearing and answering us in Jesus name.Amen

Christmas church prayer

Christmas prayer for kids

Dear loving Lord, we are humbled to come before you through the name of our Lord Jesus, before me are small kids who are part of the celebration to mark the birth of Jesus, I pray that you help them to understand the meaning of this day that happening many years a go when Jesus came and lived with us for 33 years before he ascended to heaven, we thank you for your mercies and care and be with us through out the occasion until it comes to an end for we pray and believing in Jesus name.Amen

Christmas church prayer

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