Christmas speeches for church programs

Here are the Christmas speeches for church programs

Christmas time is here and as a church you have a special service for the occasion.

Below here we have a sample but our main focus is to help you and customize a special speech meant for your church only.

We work round the clock to make it possible because we understand how it is very important.

Just contact us and give us your details then we can customize a Christmas speech for the program in the church.

Look at this sample below here..

Christmas speeches for church programs

I greet you in the name of Jesus, my fellow believers,

Hope the grace of God is upon you since the year started until today when we are remembering an occasion in our church,

It is Christmas time amongst the body of Christ and as a church we want to join the rest in remembering this occasion that is very important to us.

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to our service today as we remember the birth of Jesus.

We want to share this love with the rest of the body of Christ. It is a period that we remember what God has done to us.

Even though it is an annual event, each time we participate in it is very new to us and it is when we reflect back on the goodness of the Lord to each and every one of us.

We have a reason to smile because the Lord is good to us and always opens the doors of blessings to us.

As we share this love of God this morning during this special service. We want to look back and see the hand of God everywhere.

We are here not that we are good or better than others but it is the mercies of the Lord that is guiding us. We are all grateful to the Lord.

It is my great honor to extend this welcome in a very special way.

And on behalf of the church, you are all welcome to this wonderful church that is called by the name of the Lord.

Feel the love of God and may the grace of God guide us all and be blessed as you participate in the activities of the day that will culminate this Christmas moments.

Let us share this joy of the Lord that is with us this day, a day that we remember when Jesus was born.

Thank you all for finding time to join us in our church and May the will of God is with you always and stay blessed in all that you do.

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