church womens day welcome speech

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our church pastor and mom, welcome to our day.

The pastors and ministers of the gospel present whom God has sent to us. The invited guests who have come to grace the occasion and my fellow church members.

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ who is our Lord!

Today is a special day in our church. We are celebrating the people who matters in our lives and that is our women in the church.

It is not in our church only that we are celebrating but this is a day that is marked worldwide whereby we remember what role a woman is playing in the church as well as the society.

Let me see all women in the church rise up as we welcome them in a special way.

The whole church you can turn round and see the beautiful ladies who have stood. Look at how they are smiling; their faces are glittering with the love of God.

One thing we all need to remember is that even the time of Jesus while on earth. When Jesus resurrected they women where the first one to visit the tomb very earlier in the morning.

They play a vital role in each and every one of us who is sited.

Before they sit, I want to say that a woman is a very important person in one’s life and the men who are present can testify that anyone who get a good wife gets a good thing the bible says.

Now I request all of you who are standing to sit down as we continue.

This day marks the beginning of very many important activities that have been lined up by the women department.

As we all know the biggest numbers of our church members are women because they understand the importance of growing spiritually.

I’m not saying this to mean that men don’t love to come to church but once you share to a woman about heaven they tend to hold on to the details more than us men and hence you can all see their concern to understanding what they can do to inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Now as we begin this day let me thank each one of you for finding time to come to grace the occasion together with the women.

Feel at Jesus feet and know that the love of God is with us.

Let me invite our pastor who will bring to us the first lady before the head of women department come to speak to us and tell us what they have for us today.

Pastor welcome.

church womens day welcome speech

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