youth welcoming speeches for church

Below is youth welcoming speeches for church

Our church pastor and the first lady, who are present with us today here,

The invited ministers of the gospel present during this day meant to celebrate the youths in our church. Members of our church, ladies and gentlemen.

I greet you in Jesus name!

What a joy to be here today as we gather to thank our Lord Jesus for the wonderful opportunity given to each and every one of us.

As a church we always mark different events that take place in our church. They all remind us what a fellowship we have as a community of believers who God has set aside to proclaim the everlasting gospel to the whole world.

This fellowship shows that we are unique in that the bible calls us the light of the world.

As we remind ourselves today what manner of love we have in the Father in that we have been adopted by our Father through Jesus our Lord.

This eternity journey is exciting that we are all one in Him who is Christ.

Ladies and gentlemen may the good Lord keep us strong in the faith as we await Jesus who is coming soon,

Therefore our youths in our church have prepared exciting programs that are going to show us the grace of God and how it is working wonders in each and every one of us.

The youth leader is here with us and has told me that they have much to share with us today. I urge each and every one of us to prepare well to learn something that will show how much the our God loves us.

They presentations right from sermons, songs and skits that are centered around the saving power of the Lord.

In the next few minutes the programs are going to start.

Before I hand over the introduction session to our pastor to tell us what to do then the youths will pick up from there to take the events of the day the very end.

I ask the visitors who are joining us for the first time to raise up their hands so that we can know exactly where they are sited.

I know the ushers of our church have done their work and shown the visitors the Lord has given us today where they are going to sit.

We have special gifts for them

Now let me invite our pastor to welcome the visitors officially and make his special remarks to start off this day.

Pastor welcome

sample speech for welcome talk for youth ministry

I greet you all in the name of Jesus,

Hope the Lord has kept you well and thank you for hearkening to our call and coming to attend this seminar,

As a young man the Lord has directed us to stay in the word in order to make our ways straight.

Feel welcome as you listen to today's talk from our guest.

youth welcoming speeches for church

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