50th anniversary of ordination

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50th anniversary of ordination wishes

Today marks a special day for us as a family when we commemorate the day you were ordained, years have come and gone, the goodness of God is always upon you, you have served the work that God called you to with diligence and as you celebrate the 50th anniversary today , may the good Lord be with you and give you another 50 years of service. God bless you always

50th anniversary of ordination closing remarks

On behalf of the church management and our pastors, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for finding time to come and celebrate with us during this occasion, we have seen the hand of God because the Lord has been faithful to us all, as we leave here today may the blessings that God has promised to be with you always and wherever you shall be may the protection of the Lord be upon you, once again I want to say thank you for giving a hand in making this day a success.

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