An occasion speech for pastor anniversary

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an occasion speech for pastor anniversary samples page

Here is a free sample for you. Receive  Calvary greetings My fellow Christian who have joined us today for a very important day.

We are here for one purpose

To appreciate our pastor for the selfless service he has rendered to our church

Those who are here today can witness with me that it is a happier moments


When I look back how the Lord has led us so far,

We all can praise him and glorify his love for us

God is good always and his love is manifested in all we can see around us

From the unity and harmony that we are experiencing amongst ourselves

We can lift our voices and says thank you God for what you have done to us


The bible says in the book of Psalms 133 verse one where it says

How good it is for brothers to live in harmony

We can thank our heavenly father for the good things that we are experiencing us a church

It is my sincere prayer that as we mark this anniversary and starting a new chapter full of new things

We can continue praising the Lord because he has great plans for us as a church


The word of God which speaks to us about the good things that the Lord has revealed to us

Tells us that God will always guide us and will be with us all the time

an occasion speech for pastor anniversary

I greet you in the name of Jesus

Let me extend a warm welcome to all church members and the visitors have come to grace this occasion in our church,

It is a great honor to have you today as we celebrate together this anniversary that is very important in our church,

We are marking a milestone that is giving us a reflection on how we are performing as a church,

We can only remember that it was only the other day that we had the same event,

What a joy in our hearts as we have approached another this year which is going to be a better one

Because we always learn from each year,

We thank our almighty God for His mercies that given us today,

Brethren it is a great honor that we remember this anniversary in our church for the sake of love of God

We all know it is pastor’s day and may the will of God be manifested today

Feel welcome and may the love of God be with you till we finish.

Stay blessed always.

an occasion speech for pastor anniversary

an occasion speech for pastor anniversary

My fellow Christian I want to invite you to join me in saying thank you to pastor for accepting the call from the Lord we are so happy for having you pastor here today as we mark the anniversary to remember the beginning of your service in our church.

Welcome and always feel home because we all love you and love you always

We thank you for your word and the encouragement that you give to us

We appreciate the guidance you give us and thank you for what you do to us

Let us share and love each other as the scripture tell us.

Be blessed as you celebrate

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