church anniversary occasion

As you celebrate the church anniversary occasion. Let us borrow the following from the bible..More on church anniversary

As you mark this very important occasion in the church we are all familiar with this scenario as shown by Jesus Christ when he was conversing with the disciples before He was crucified.

Why did Jesus tell peter that on this rock I will build my church and shall give us power. Briefly, all that was taken Jesus took it back and now we can celebrate because we are more than conquers in Him.

As a body of believer let us know that we all in Him and as a church that fellowship together we can say that we are grateful and praise our Lord Jesus Christ for what He did.

Your Church might be marking the first anniversary,second anniversary,third anniversary,fourth anniversary,fifth anniversary,sixth anniversary,seventh anniversary,eight anniversary,ninth anniversary or tenth anniversary.

During this event you can organize many things that will make you feel the presence of the love of God in the midst.

For example look at the what the first disciples deed when they started congregating together.

church anniversary occasion

Below here is warm welcome speech for the occasion

Let me take this opportunity to extend a warm church welcome to you this morning,

Glory and honor to our loving God who has taken care of us since we had the same occasion

The last year,

We can all witness that much have taken place in our church,

We can count the blessing that the Lord given each and every one of us,

We have grown spiritually and also materially,

All we give gory to God because is the owner of everything that we have,

We are just custodian whom God has entrusted the opportunity to take care of what given to us

As we start another year that is beginning today,

We want to look forward to what God has prepared and have in store

Without Him we can do nothing and hence seek for guidance from Him always,

Brethren it is great honor to welcome you here today to celebrate with us this great occasion in our church,

We have lined up great activities that shall be the core of what we expect to be a direction we shall head to,

As a church we have full expectation and remain hopeful that God shall be with us and lead us to success,

The war is unto Him and we only come here to celebrate the victory,

Therefore let us praise Him always and know that, there is no any other God a part from our loving God,

Let me conclude by saying that may the will of the Lord be done in our lives now and forever through the name of our Lord Jesus.


church anniversary occasion

How the first church movement celebrated the church anniversary occasion

The Fellowship of the Believers

Let us look at some of the things you can borrow from our first disciples examples

  • break bread together
  • sell those things that you don't need and share with those who are in need
  • always be together as a family.

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