choir master welcome speech for anniversary

Here is the choir master welcome speech for anniversary that you can download and start using it during the occasion in church.

If this is the first time you are preparing to do a welcome during an anniversary for the choir in church. We welcome you to our page.

Maybe you are looking for a ready to use welcome speech for the occasion, that is to let you know that is what we do. To prepare occasional material for occasional leaders who don't know what to say when asked to do it.

We have a ready to use speech that is well written and we have saved it in PDF for you, once you download it you can customize through copy and pasting and change few words because church set up differs but be assured that if you use it the way it is, it will be helpful because the welcome speech is written by a Pastor who is well acquitted with different occasion in churches and ministries, including yours.

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choir master welcome speech for anniversary

Below we have given you introductory part of the speech, to help you make the decision whether to download it or not.

We assure you that , the speech is the best that you are looking for. Look at it below here.

Greetings in Jesus name.

Let me take this precious moment to thank our heavenly Father for granting this wonderful opportunity to congregate here today as choir members as we celebrate this anniversary.

As your Choir master, this is my first anniversary and have really looked forward to it.

>>>>>Download the full speech by clicking here

The above is just an excerpt of the complete speech that you can download and you will have a full speech to help you do the welcome as a choir master during the choir anniversary in church.

Below here we have another excerpt of a different speech in the same speech that you can download. We can writing and updating the page with different materials for different occasions.

choir master welcome speech for anniversary

The second excerpt of a welcome speech for a choir master to use during the choir anniversary in church.

Our church Bishop, Invited guests, fellow choir members and church members present during this special occasion.

Let me thank the heavenly Father for allowing us to have this anniversary in our church today.

I want to welcome each and every one of you.

>>>download the full speech by clicking here

choir master welcome speech for anniversary

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