church anniversary speeches

Looking for church anniversary speeches?

Below here we have a ready to use speech for you and also sample speech towards the end of the page that can help you with what to say at a church anniversary.

welcome for a church anniversary

I presume this is your first time that you are speaking in church.

You might be a pastor but want a customized speech that come help you in the upcoming anniversary celebration in church.

You can get a quick one below here that we have prepared for you as you prepare and get ready for the occasion in church

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If you new to how church anniversary speeches looks like. Below here you will find samples that we have prepared for you to help as you prepare for the occasion.

The examples remains to be examples because they might differ from what you expected but the format remains to be the same.

If you already have a celebration theme that the church has put in place then we request you to contact us so that we can help you to write one for you.

Meanwhile here is the sample speeches to have a look at....

church anniversary speeches

welcome speech for church anniversary

Looking for welcome speech for church anniversary? Below is a sample speech to help you as you prepare for the occasion in church.

My dear brethren in Christ, I great you in the only name in heaven and earth , the name Jesus Christ, how are you?

Welcome to our annual church anniversary, let me take this precious moment to thank our heavenly Father for the wonderful love shown to us and we have managed to be here again after a whole year,

Those who are new, we take this opportunity to welcome you as you celebrate together with us during this occasion.

Some of our member didn't manage to see this year' s anniversary but if you managed count the blessings of the Lord.

Our Church pastor has guided us well and I want to tell you that so far we have moved from one glory to another.

As we start this program, we have much lined a head of us and I'm requesting you to keep praying for the day so that the will of God can be done.

Otherwise feel at Jesus feet and God bless you

first church anniversary speech examples

Here is a a good speech for a one year old church anniversary

first church anniversary speech

Good-morning  brethren!

It’s a great honor to welcome you to our first anniversary in our church,

Feel welcome to the Jesus feet,

It is only the other day that we began to worship only three of us as a family here,

I can’t imagine that we have grown this far,

We all count the blessings of the Lord,

I look forward to the many things that the Lord has prepared for us

Those who are joining us for the first time,

We want to remind ourselves that this is the church on the move,

May the good Lord be with us as we keep on worshiping Him

Feel blessed for the services a head.

church anniversary speeches

7th anniversary speech

My fellow Christians and church members,invited guests present,

I greet you in the name of the Lord,

Good morning,


Let me take this opportunity given by the Lord to welcome you

To our special service that is meant to commemorate how far

Our church has come,

We count to blessings of the Lord on a daily basis,

We can only say, were it not for the Lord, where would we be?

We can only say, thank you Lord for everything,


There are lots of activities lined up today and each is signifying a very important role

In the progress of our church,

They are going to be brought to us in a wonderful way guided by the Holy Spirit,

As we start, let me say feel welcome and may the good Lord be with you as you join as in this important

Exercise in our church,

Thank you for coming and stay blessed always.

church anniversary speeches

20th church anniversary speeches

Our church pastor, the church board members, church members present and all the invited guests

Who have come to grace this occasion, I greet you in the name of Jesus, good evening,

Let me take this opportunity of love that the Lord has given us to welcome you all in a special way

To our anniversary in our church,

It is the 20th anniversary and we can’t believe our eyes what the Lord has done to us it is through His grace that we have reached this far,

As we share the goodness of the Lord today and count the blessings I want to welcome you all to feel at Jesus feet and know that the lord of God is us today and we are going to experience the faithfulness bestowed upon us.

Welcome you all and may you enjoy together with us all the activities of the day as planned by the committee tasked to arrange the day on our behalf,

Thank you and May God bless you all.

welcome speech 40th church anniversary

Here is a welcome speech 40th church anniversary sample......

Ladies and gentlemen,Our pastor and all the invited guest,my fellow church members,

we are happy today as we celebrate our anniversary,we want to thank our almighty God for the wonderful provisions that He has given us and above all the gift of life.

We are marking this anniversary we a lot joy in our hearts

 and as the book of Philippians chapter four and verses thirteen says

we can always do all things through Christ who strengthen us

we can all agree that what we have achieved is by the grace of God and His love too that he has for us. We thank Him and praise him for ever.

feel welcomed and enjoy our service today.

50th church anniversary speech

50th church anniversary speeches

Here is the sample of church 50 years jubilee celebration

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,How are you?

Let me take this chance the Lord Has granted to us today in our church,to welcome each and everyone of you to this occasion and a great time for all of us. Today marks the 50th anniversary since the inception of our church.I can remember well how it was and today we can count the blessings of the Lord given to us.

It has been a long journey but we thank God that we are moving one well. We all sure that in the next 50 years things shall be different than they are today, I can't fathom how the church will be at that time. We all pray for the guidance of the Holy spirit so that we can fulfill the purpose of the Lord the church has been given.

As we celebrate together for the years given. May the Love of God be with us always.

Stay blessed and feel welcome to our church.

75th anniversary speech of a church

I greet you in name of our Lord Jesus,good morning

Let me take this opportunity that the Lord has given me to welcome you all to this special occasion in our church that we are marking 75 years of service in the house of the Lord.

No one knew that we shall be here today and more so alive to see this day. It is by mercies of the Lord that many of us have managed to be here today.

Thank you for each one of you for finding time to be here today as we celebrate together this 75 anniversary in our church.

Feel welcome and may God bless you all.

Short greetings for church anniversaries

You are looking for Short greetings for church anniversaries to help you:

Have a look at this....

  • I'm humbly and privileged to stand before you. I would love to thank our Pastor_________(insert the name of your pastor) and the church leadership for entrusting to speak on behalf of the church.
  • Today marks the beginning of a new triumphant year of the Lord,the year of celebration,thanks and praise as we begin a new chapter.

remarks at church anniversary

Have been requested to give short remarks at church anniversary and don't know where to begin? We have samples here that can help you as you prepare and get ready for the occasion.

Here are the samples for you...

  • Our chief guest and the invited guests present, our church pastor and the board at large, the organizers of this year's anniversary and all the church members present, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus. Mine is very short, I just want to thank the Lord for the precious moments we have had and the wonderful opportunity to stand in front of you here to give short remarks and say thank you everyone for the contribution you made, the day has been successful and may the good Lord bless you. As you leave here may the grace of the Lord go with you until we meet another time. God bless you.

church anniversary celebration speech

Looking for church anniversary celebration speech? Here is a sample to have a look at...

Ladies and gentlemen, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus!

Without wasting time let me welcome you in a special way to our church celebration as we mark another year of progress in our church, the journey has been long but we thank our heavenly Father for allowing us to congregate here as we share together this love that comes from Him.

It is a rare opportunity to see all this wonders that comes from the Lord but all glory goes to our Father who is in heaven, our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate this occasion let us all remember that it is the Lord who began this movement and shall end with Him.

Greet your name and tell him or her Jesus loves you.

Thank you and feel at Jesus feet.

church anniversary invitation letter sample

Looking for a church anniversary invitation letter sample to help you as you plan for the occasion in church?

Below is a sample to have a look at:-

sample church anniversary sponsorship letter

Looking for a sample church anniversary sponsorship letter to help you write to sponsors who will help you prepare for the church anniversary?

Here is a sample that can assist you.

church anniversary congratulations letter

Looking for church anniversary congratulations letter to assist you as you plan for the occasion in church? Here is a sample to have a look at..

church anniversary letter to congregation

Looking for church anniversary letter to congregation that you can use to thank the congregation of the good work they did towards the preparation of the occasion?

Here is a sample

My Pastor,fellow church members

We are very much privileged because of the love of God

To see this special day in our church calendar,

A day that the Lord had prepared for us

Let me take this opportunity to welcome those who have come

to share with us the first time,feel welcome and at Jesus feet,

without wasting time let me welcome our pastor to share something before

we continue.....

Chairman's acceptance speech for the church anniversary

Looking for the Chairman's acceptance speech for the church anniversary? Below is a sample..

Brethren in Christ I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus!

Let me take this opportunity to thank my Lord and our Father for allowing us to gather here today as mark this historical event in the church. It is a special occasion to you and me that the Lord has given us to celebrate the birth of our church.

We have come from very far and as the chairman of this church,I want to say that were it not for the hand of God, I don't know if we would have made the steps that you have seen.

Let me make a request to you that you continue praying for the power of God to continue being manifested and also His grace to continue dwelling on our hearts.

Otherwise God bless you abundantly.

If you have been appointed by the church board to given a speech and want a ready to use. Then we have given a free one below.

You can customize it to fit the occasion because you know better your audience and what you want to address.

The one we  have provided below here is a general one that can be used in any occasion. It is our prayer that the grace of God guide you and at the end you can have a successful day.

Let me wish you all the best as you prepare yourself to given a maiden speech.

church occasion speech sample

church anniversary speeches

sample welcome speech

Praise and honor be unto our heavenly father
For the provision of time and chance that He has given us
As a church
We are here today to celebrate a milestone
The wonderful things God has done to us a church
We give him glory and honor
Today is a special day that comes once in a year
A time like this last year we were here
Many of us can remember vividly the experience
What a joy do we have all of us
In the Lord
We want to thank Him for his goodness and love to us as a church
So far we have experienced a tremendous growth in all aspects of our church
We have increased the membership
We have grown in the grace of the Lord
As we mark the anniversary let us all praise the Lord
In the wonderful way
Let me recognize all that have participated in this occasion and
Want to thank you on behalf of the church board and the church congregation
May the Lord bless you mightily and abundantly
Invite many to join our fellowship
So that next year a time like this we can praise the Lord
The bible says that the harvest is ready but we have few harvesters
Let us all remember the command that the Lord gave us of going to the world
To make disciples
We have a part to play
Let us all recognize that the Lord has promised to be with us even up to
The end of the world
May His grace guide us as we count the years into maturity in terms of renewing of our
Mind so that we can appreciate his goodness that is in Christ our savior
Thank you all for coming and may God bless you all.

 For more information :church anniversary speeches

baptist church anniversary welcome speech

This baptist church anniversary welcome speech is tailored towards the members of the Baptist church who want it be written in a specific way. Feel welcome as you share the speech with others during the occasion.

SPECIFIC church anniversary speeches

sample of speech for church anniversaries

If you want specific church anniversary speeches for each year look at this now.

Here are the sample of speech for church anniversaries

 first church anniversary

second church anniversary

third church anniversary

fourth church anniversary

fifth church anniversary

sixth church anniversary

7th church anniversary

8th church anniversary

9th church anniversary

10th church anniversary

11th church anniversary

12th church anniversary

13th church anniversary

14th church anniversary -

15th church anniversary

16th church anniversary - Click here to access the specific speech for the 16 year anniversary

17th church anniversary

18th church anniversary

19th church anniversary

20th church anniversary

21th church anniversary

22th church anniversary

23th church anniversary

24th church anniversary

25th church anniversary

26th church anniversary

27th church anniversary

28th church anniversary

29th church anniversary

30th church anniversary

31th church anniversary

32th church anniversary

33th church anniversary

34th church anniversary

35th church anniversary

36th church anniversary

37th church anniversary

38th church anniversary

39th church anniversary

40th church anniversary

41th church anniversary

42th church anniversary

43th church anniversary

44th church anniversary

45th church anniversary

46th church anniversary

47th church anniversary

48th church anniversary speeches

49th church anniversary speeches

church 50th anniversary

75th anniversary speech of a church

10th church anniversary speeches

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church anniversary speeches -Tips

Tips for picking perfect church anniversary speeches topics

When it comes to choosing what to speak about during the anniversary,there are several topics that can guide you depending on the congregation.

Before you settle on what you will be speaking about.

Have it in mind that there is a lot of expectation from the congregation or the people who are attending the church anniversary.

Keep in mind that as you get started,you need to brainstorm and a good church speech need to involve the listeners.

When you give the listeners a topic before you start talking they will in a position to visualize on the topic as you will be presenting.

church anniversary speeches

We hope the above samples and information has assisted you.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best as you prepare for the occasion in your church and may our heavenly Father be with you and make everything that you have planned to be a success in Jesus name.

God bless you and welcome again.

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thank you for attending our church anniversary service

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