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When it comes to church anniversary celebrations,we need to prepare well and below are some of the why do we celebrate church anniversaries in our churches.

lots of preparation is needed just like any other project. In order to have a successful anniversary celebrations that all those in attendance will be happy about and will always remember for.

As a church you need to plan well ahead. And just note that without proper planning. You are all preparing to miss some of the things or points that you would have included in your plans.

Therefore it is good to start early in planning for the anniversary and make sure you involve everybody because through that you can have a day or celebrations that is inclusive.

This is a checklist of what to do in order to have a lovely celebrations

how many people are attending the celebrations?

Who will be the master of ceremony?

Who will provide the catering?

What are the mitigation measures are place if the weather is not conducive during that day?

Do we have the organizing committee and if not, when are we constituting it and how many members do we need?

what accommodation will be required?

- how much?

-what standard?

-who is responsible for providing?

The checklist above will give you a send of direction on what is needed to make a success out of this day. Remember it is done once in a year and it is a good thing to make proper preparations and planning.

How should you worship?

As a church you have already developed a culture of worship that is understood by every member in the church.

During this anniversary you can spice up a bit by raising the note in order to break the monotony.

We love variety and it will be interesting to note how members will react after the celebration. The point here is to make the day as memorable as possible.

You want everyone to recall what exactly took place and make them eager towards the next anniversary.

Therefore choose a theme that is wonderful and matches what values you have in the church.

  • Develop a Theme

If you have already agreed on the theme it is well.

But if not,

This is the time to really think hard. Try to involve other church members maybe the committee if you have one.

It should not be a one man show. We are limited when we work alone.

Sit in a circle maybe in the office of the pastor and brainstorm for the theme. Let each member come up with a theme then you vote the most interesting one.

If possible bring it up to the church to also be aware of it and pray for it too.

For more Church anniversary themes

  • Select the environment

After you have selected the theme. All the church members and at least every one else has agreed and is excited for the theme.

You can now choose the place where the anniversary shall take place.

Are you going to choose inside the church or outside.

Depending on the theme. It is good to go the best.

why do we celebrate church anniversary

why do we celebrate church anniversary?

There several reasons as to why we need to celebrate the church anniversary but the main reasons as to why we need to celebrate is that:

  • It helps to keep the faith burning
  • Helps the faith of church members to grow
  • Helps to measure the milestones you are making as a church
  • It is a way of fostering new friendship with others who come to celebrate with you
  • It is one of sharing faith with others who share the common beliefs that you have.

Hope the above why do we celebrate church anniversary reasons will make you perfect the art of celebrating it in your church

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church anniversary

If you are a pastor, make sure you have a competent team that you can choose from amongst your church members who can volunteer and help to arrange for the anniversary.

And if you are bound by time. In case everybody is busy it is good to engage for a professional services that can give you great and wonderful thing that you can all praise the Lord for.

It is an opportunity for all of you to meet the current and even the former members of the church as you look back to what the Lord has done to your as a church and celebrate together for his wonderful love and the grace that comes through Jesus Christ.

Everything should be done through prayer because the Lord loves and has given us the authority over everything. Therefore through prayer we can thank the Lord and also exercise the authority and command everything to be in place because the Lord has already provided through Christ.

It is my prayer that you make your anniversary a memorable one. A day that everyone looks forward to in each year.

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