church invitation letter samples

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Here is the list of the sample letters for church invitations

church dedication invitation letter

sample church choir invitation letter

church guest speaker invitation letter

church invitation letter samples

The sample letters below are meant to give you a picture of what you expect

church dedication invitation letter

church invitation letter

Church pastor guide

Church Address here

church website

email address

The church or ministry to invite

Their address here...

Dear Rev.


You and the entire church family are hereby invited to our church dedication that will take place in our church ground on(Insert the dates here).

The event is going to be graced by the Governor of our state and many other invited guests who will travel from wide and far to join us.

Your presence is highly appreciated and thank you for the prayers.

Look forward seeing you during the day.

God bless you

Yours in Christ

Pastor Hesbon Nyambane

church choir invitation letter sample

church invitation letter

The  name of your church here

The address here

church website here

email here

The Choir to be invited here

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The address here

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On behalf of the Church and the church pastor,I cordially invite your Choir to come and grace the occasion in our church.

The theme of this year's choir day will be" SING TO THE LORD A NEW SONG" and the key verse is taken from the book of Psalms 96:1.

You are going to be the guest choir and your songs shall dominate the day, please prepare well and we are praying for you as the Lord may lead you.

We thank you in advance and God bless you.

Yours in the Lord

Sis. Jane

Choir director)

church invitation letter samples

church guest speaker invitation letter

The  name of your church

The address


Name of the speaker here

The church he  worships

The address here

Date here


On behalf of the Church Board and our Pastor, we are very much happy to invite you to come and speak in the upcoming church service in our church.

The theme of the day shall be "RENEW OF THE MIND". You both speak during the divine and bible study.

We look forward to hearing you share with us the word of God during the day.

We are praying for you and may our Lord use you as it deem fit.

Thank you and God bless you.

Yours in Christ


Evangelism Leader

church invitation letter

church anniversary invitation letter sample


Greetings in Jesus name,

On behalf of the Church board and pastor, I want to extend this invitation towards a celebration in our church that will be held on ________________

This will be the_________anniversary that we are going to celebrate in our church,during this occasion we shall reflect back and see what the Lord has done to our church since inception.

We humbly request you to grace the occasion.

Thank you and we look forward to see coming and be part of those who will pray and encourage us.

God bless you

Yours in the Lord,

sis Josephine

Church secretary.

invitation letter to church opening

church inauguration invitation letter

sample church groundbreaking invitation letter

The Church of Love

1456,highway street,USA

23rd June 2018

Going heaven Church




We cordially extend this invitation to you and your pastor to come and attend the ground breaking of our church grounds on Tuesday 3rd of September 2018,starting at 10 a.m.

As we talked with you last, you are going to be our special guests to grace the occasion. We also have other invited guests from the neighboring churches.

We are praying for you and the entire church as you plan to attend. God grant you journey mercies during the day.

For any clarification, don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

God bless you,

Yours in Christ

Rev. John

The Church of Love

church invitation letter samples

church revival invitation letter

The Trumpet Church

12345,Madagascar street


24th July 2018

Rev Jones Muma,

Far Reaching Church

South Africa.

Dear Rev Jones


On behalf of the Church and myself, I cordially extend this invitation letter through the mercies of the Lord to you and your team to come and participate in a revival scheduled to take place in our church from 2nd of August to 8th 2018.

As we talked you are going to be the chief guest speaker during the time and the theme the church chose was "BEING REVIVED INTO THE LORD", We look forward to listening to you as the Lord will use you.

Thank you once again for accepting to come,together with your team and may the good Lord be with you as you prepare for the occasion.

God bless you and keep you in perfect peace until we meet.

Pass my regards to the church and tell them we are praying for you.

Yours in Christ

Rev. Mathew

The Trumpet Church.

 Invitation letter for bible study

church anniversary invitation letter

church choir invitation letter

guest choir invitation letter

church building dedication invitation letter

church conference invitation letter

church picnic announcement letter invitation

church women's day invitation letter

church meeting invitation letter

church service invitation letter

church golden jubilee invitation letter

church homecoming invitation letter

sample church performer invitation letter

church mortgage burning invitation letter

church ministry invitation letters

church invitation letter samples

Invitation letter to church service

Life Church

123456.light street


24th June 2018

Jones comes

123455,downward hill


Dear Jones


On behalf of the church organization want to extend this invitation to welcome you once again to to our church service.

We were very much overwhelmed with joy when you recently attended our church service for the first time and left your name in the guest book.

We have been praying for you and would wish you join us again for the fellowship as we share together the love of God.

We look forward seeing you in the coming service.May God keep you in perfect peace until we meet again.

God bless you

Yours in Christ

Sis, Joyce

Church secretary.

church invitation letter samples

church conference speaker invitation letter

Bread of life Church

123456,light street


23rd August 2018

Rev. James Okowu

Light ways Ministry

345677,Lot Street.

North Carolina.

Rev. James Okowu


On behalf of the Organizers of the conference that will be held in our church compound on 21st to 28th July 2018.

I'm pleased to inform you that you were chosen to be the guest speaker and the theme shall be "MOVING FORWARD WITH THE LORD". 

I will be calling you to discuss more concerning the details but meanwhile get prepared and may the good Lord guide and give you wisdom and understanding as you come and speak to us during this great occasion.

God bless you

Yours in Christ

Rev. John Hummy

Bread of Life church

church program invitation letter

church invitation inviting another church

Invitation letter to a love feast

church women's conference invitation letter

church letter of invitation to gospel music concert

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