letter of recommendation from church

Here is sample letter of recommendation from church to guide and help as you recommend a church member to somewhere.

We know and understand how hard it is to find the right wording to use when you want to write a church.

Our work is to make sure you have the right wording for your letter that you want to recommend your church member.

Even if you have never written a church letter before and this is your first, be sure you will get the right wording.

Below here are samples to help you decide if you will allow us we assist you in writing or you will get an inspiration and write one.

The decision is yours and we are here to serve and be of help to you.

Therefore the samples we are giving below are supposed to serve the purpose.

If you would like we help you to write then contact us using the form that we have given in right corner of this page.

church scholarship recommendation letter sample


On behalf of the Church on the mountain,am writing to inform you that Bro. Nick Sir is our church member of regular standing. He is a bible teacher as well assistant technician

We hereby recommend him for a National Scholarship offered by your company.

For any clarification,don't hesitate to contact more for more details.

God bless you

Yours in the Lord

(Name of the sender)

(Name of the Church)

letter of recommendation from church

affiliation letter for church recommendation


On behalf of Calvary Church,am writing this letter to confirm that Love ministries is our affiliate congregation for the last 5 years and together we have a total membership of 20000.

Love ministry is dedicated to serving people through preaching and teaching f the messages f Christ.

Any assistance accorded to them will highly be appreciated.

For any clarification don't hesitate to reach me on this number 04567669 or my  email @org.com

letter of recommendation from church

church recommendation letter for marriage

Dear (Recipient)

Greetings in Jesus!

On behalf of Heaven ward Church,am writing to you to confirm that bro. Jack is our church member of regular standing. He has been in the church register for the last 6 years. He was married in the Holy Matrimony on 20th June 2013 to Sister Janet.

We wish to recommend him for help with his marriage.

Any assistance accorded the family will highly be appreciated.

Yours in the Lord

Bishop Mike

Church Heaven ward

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