sample appreciation letter for pastors

Looking for sample appreciation letter for pastors?

Below are sample letters to help you appreciate a pastor who has just spoken in your church,convention,seminar or during the service in the church.

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pastor appreciation letter

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sample appreciation letter for pastors

It is a good gesture to appreciate the pastor for the good work accomplished recently during an occasion in the church.

We thank you for landing here in our page for a sample letter, we believe that it is going to guide and help you to write one or just pick the one we have given below here.

You might be looking for one which you can customize because you understand the occasion, in that case we can help you to write one,contact us.

Otherwise here is the sample appreciation letter for pastors

sample appreciation letter for pastors




Date ______________________(insert the date in which the letter is written)






Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus!

On behalf of ___________________Church(insert the name of your church), we want to thank you for accepting to come and speak to us during the recent ____________(Insert the occasion here) that was held in our church building(Change it to fit the location).

Your presence was satisfactory because the congregation was looking forward to listening and hearing from you what the Lord had given you. We want to tell you that you never disappointed and may God bless you.

The message was timely and it uplifted us,many wanted the session not to end.

We appreciate the work you did and may God continue lifting you up to bless many far and wide.

God bless you

Yours in the Lord,

___________________(insert your name here)

pastor appreciation letter

Looking for pastor appreciation letter ? Here is a sample letter to have a look at.

sample appreciation letter for pastors

greeting letter pastor model letter

Looking for greeting letter pastor model letter? Here is a sample for you to have a look at.

pastor appreciation letter to church

Looking for pastor appreciation letter to church? Here is a sample template you can have a look at.

Your address here

email here


Dear Pastor__________________


Calvary greetings!

I take this opportunity to thank my heavenly Father for allowing me to write this letter to you thanking you for your recent visit to my house, me and my family was so glad to see you coming and pray for us as you comforted us for the loss we had.

I want to thank you on behalf of our family and we wish you all the best in the work you are doing of nurturing and shepherding the people of God.

God bless you and thank you very much.

Your in the Lord

Sis Kemmy

pastor appreciation letter

Below is the sample pastor appreciation letter

letter to my pastor


Greetings in Jesus name

On behalf of myself and my family, let take this precious moment to thank our almighty for the gift of life.

Let me say thank you pastor for sparing your precious time to come and pray for us in the house.

Your word of encouragement that the Lord gave you to share with us came at a time when we needed it most.

God bless the work you are doing.

Looking forward to you visiting us again soon, keep praying for us.

Yours sincerely,

Job and the family

sample appreciation letter for pastors

pastor employment verification letter

Here is the sample for pastor employment verification letter

We hope the letter has served the purpose it intended to do and we look forward to here from you,

We understand that you might have been looking for a specific letter for the occasion.

You can modify the above the fit in the occasion in the church and if you don't have time then contact us we can assist to write one.

Otherwise when you are writing an appreciation letter ,don't forget to do the follow

  • Be brief
  • use a verse
  • be polite
  • and to show that you truly appreciate the work pastor did in the church.

Let the Holy Spirit be with you always and God bless you.

Come again for more information for your church.

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