church welcome speech for visitors

The best church welcome speech for visitors who have come to worship with you in your church.

I presume this is your first time that you have been asked to prepare and deliver a welcome speech for the visitors in the church.

Below here we have samples that can help you.

church welcome speech for visitors

Our pastor and the first lady in our church,my fellow church members, let us take
this opportunity to welcome visitors who have come to worship with us today in our church
and allow me to quote this word of life from the scripture that will welcome the visitors
to feel loved and cared by us today.

When we have visitors around we thank God for the blessings.

It is rare to have visitors coming into  our church and when they come we know that God is working miracles and is blessings us abundantly

We can all remember during bible times that visitors when they came other times they turned to be angels for example the case of Abraham.

We count joy when we have visitors. It is a great honor and glory to God for what taking place in our church.

Our special guest who the Load has sent to us we welcome you in a lovely way and we have a tradition in this church where we do things in a unique way.

I want to request the church ushers wherever you are please join our visitors and let us share the love of God together.

As the love of God flows through us. Let us now rejoice together in the Lord as Paul says rejoice and rejoice again.

After the service I want to request all the visitors present today to remain behind as we give you a gift to take home.

Make this church to be your one stop where you worship the Lord and as you can see our members love visitors and we are happy when you join us.

Imagine the blessings we shall receive each time we congregate to worship our Lord.

It is my pleasure now to welcome you officially and invite our church pastor to welcome you in a special way before the rest of the program continues.

Our church pastor now is your turn to come and welcome our visitors according to our tradition in this church.

My fellow worshipers feel at Jesus feet today and may the good Lord be with you now and fore ever more


We praise God for the word and we welcome the visitors always to worship with us.
Thank you and God bless you always.

Having visitors in your church is a blessing and we want  thank the Lord for the opportunity of having visitors.

This speech will come at hand when it comes to welcoming the visitors who have visited your church.

It is a speech that is based on the bible.........

church welcome speech for visitors

It is  a great honor to stand before you at this hour through the mercies of the Lord,

I hope you had a wonderful week,welcome to our service and we take this opportunity to thank the Lord ,

Before I welcome the MC of the day to continue with the program,let me welcome our visitors who are joining us for the first time to stand as we welcome them in a special way

Visitors who are present may you stand

Our church members who are near the visitors may you welcome them on our behalf and tell them Jesus loves you.

We thank the Lord for the visitors and ask the Him to continue blessings us with more.

church welcome speech for visitors

I greet you in Jesus name!

Let me extend a warm church welcome to all visitors present today as we worship together

Allow me to welcome you all to the house of the Lord

Here we love you all because the Lord has commanded us to do so

You can feel the warm church welcome from every member of this church you are sited with,

We are very happy to have you in our midst

We love you and welcome you always to our church

A church that everyone longs to attend a service,

We want to make a special request to you that you make this church your home

You will love it always

Please feel welcome and may the love of God be with you always

Feel at Jesus feet as we share the love of God,

God bless you always.

 church welcome speech

church welcome speech sample


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