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Here is what you need to have in mind when giving welcome speech to your church

Three essential welcoming speech part

acknowledge all those in attendance

give them an introduction of what brought them to that day and also take the opportunity to share with them your beliefs and what the church stands for.

Church Welcome Speech Sample

A welcome speech

Let me take this opportunity to welcome each and everyone of you to our church service. And a very warm welcome to those who are attending for the first time. Whether you were passing by or you are looking for a warm place to worship.

We take this time to welcome you in a wonderful way.We are a body of Christ and we love everyone whether it is your first time or second time and so on.Our mandate here is to love one another so that the joy of the Lord maybe full in our hearts.

Firstly, we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior and we extend the olive to those ones who are new to make Him their personal savior because he is the way,the truth and the life and no one comes to the father except through Jesus Christ.

As his followers we care about you and all other people. We are here for the purpose of sharing his love and care because that is the command that he left us to do when he ascended to the father.That is what makes us gather each week here.I want to encourage those who are new to fill a form that is found at the back of the bulletin. Just write your names and e-mail address since we would love to get in touch with you and cement this relationship we have created here today.And if you have specific prayer request you can also write it down so that we can remember you in our prayers.

Enjoy your stay here and what do we say to the visitors as members ( members can welcome the new visitors in one accord)And then take the opportunity to welcome them regularly to the church service.


Church Welcome Speech Sample

Our pastor, the first lady of the church,the invited guests who have joined our church for the first ti me

my fellow church members and the church of Christ at large I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ,

Let me take this opportunity the Lord Has given us today here to thank Him in a mighty way for His love and care,

Let me welcome you all to our service today and feel at Jesus feet because He love us and care for us so much that He gave His life for us to be alive.

We have a great Hope as a Church to praise the name that the Lord Has given us and that name is Jesus Christ.

Welcome visitors and my fellow church members who believe in Jesus Christ.

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