happy birthday to spiritual father

Looking for happy birthday to spiritual father quotes, messages to share with your spiritual father during the occasion? Find some in our page below here.

Find best wishes quotes, messages below here that you can share with your spiritual father during an occasion in church.

happy birthday to spiritual father

  • For everything you do,we appreciate a lot,thank you very much
  • May our good Lord keep you in perfect peace forever and ever.
  • The words that you share with us always penetrate like a double edged sword and touches even to the deep hidden thoughts.  God bless you and give you grace to do even better.
  • When I listen to your sermons pastors, your words of grace always  echoes through my heart,  my memories runs up and down and lands on the cross of Calvary  where am crushed to pieces before my Lord and savior molds me to a new creature. God bless you pastor for allowing God to use you

happy birthday to spiritual father

Thanking your pastor for prayer during the corona virus pandemic 

Through the mercies of God, let me thank you for the message you send me recently that you are praying for despite me missing the fellowship due to the quarantine as a result of the worldwide corona virus, I ask you pastor to keep praying for all members and God will see us through this challenge. Thank you and God bless you.


This is a period that no one expected to come, let me take this precious moments to thank you for remembering me in prayer during this trying moments, I received your note and am grateful for everything thank you pastor and God bless you abundantly 

You have always nice things to say about your pastor that can make him to know that you appreciate and you are even praying for him.

You can say this...

Pastor, thank you always for your word that the Lord inspires you with

happy birthday to spiritual father

I can remember very well. When I gave a motivational talk some place.

You know what people called me and said thank you for encouraging us we feel great and may God bless you so much.

There was a listener in the congregation who send me a gift.

And let me say that the gift was a book that was so inspiring. I appreciate a lot. My heart went down with gratitude. I felt privileged and humbled.

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