happy church anniversary

Here is the happy church anniversary messages and congratulations that you can use to share with a church that is celebrating an anniversary since inception

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happy church anniversary

Brethren in Christ I greet you in Jesus name 

It is a great privilege that the Lord has given me to stand before you at this hour as we celebrate our second church anniversary since inception.

I want to thank the Lord for giving us this chance to serve Him through this church, I want also to thank our church pastor for the good leadership he has provided the church and we are witnessing a tremendous growth of members that we have not seen before.

I also thank you church members for the prayers and contribution you make to this church and the Lord has used you nightly.

We thank the visitors for finding time to come and share with us the love of God as we continue with the celebration, let the love of God bind us forever.

Thank you and God bless you.

third church anniversary

Greetings in Jesus name

On behalf of the church I want to take this precious moments to thank our almighty God who is in heaven for according us this opportunity to share love.

I want also to thank each one of you for making it possible for us to have this third anniversary in our church.

It has been a long journey of up and down but we are moving and we believe that God is taking us somewhere.

That is the reason we have come together to thank God and also ask Him to guide us to greater heights according to His purpose.

As we enjoy together, let the love of God dwell in us forever. Thank you once again and be blessed.

fourth church anniversary

Brethren in Christ I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, good morning

Welcome to our 4th church anniversary today.

I want to take this precious moment to thank our heavenly Father for allowing us to hold together this occasion.

He has bee good to us since this congregation began and we have grown to be what we are today courtesy of His mercies and love.

I also want to thank each and every one of you for your immense contribution you have made to make this place be what it is, your prayers and financial support will not go unnoticed,may you be blessed abundantly and lack nothing.

As we mark the number of years that God has given us, let us celebrate knowing that the faithfulness of God never fails.

I want to recognize the visitors who have come to celebrate with us, we want to thank God for your coming and when you go back, take our greetings with you.

Let us have the blessings of the Lord during this day.

happy church anniversary

happy church anniversary

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