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pastor anniversary occasion speech

You will get four steps that can guide you to write a thrilling speech that will make the anniversary awesome. We all know what we go through when we are asked to give any speech not necessary the one relevant to this day that we have dedicated to pastor.

There is that general fear that comes when you are asked to speak before people and that is why many people call it the art of speaking.

But I know for a believer you already have Christ's power within you that can enable you to do it and that is why you can do it through Chris who strengthened you.

I want to wish you all the best and as you prepare to give a maiden speech just know that you are already capable of doing and now here is your free pastor anniversary occasion speech that you have been looking for.

pastor anniversary occasion speech

Ladies and gentlemen,the invited guests
we all can remember this voice and the impact it has created up today
In a loud voice she exclaimed: “Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the child you will bear!
it happened long time ago
starting from one man and today we are million and millions of people
our wonderful savior is so good to us
pastor feel welcome here and we love you very much
what you have done to us as a church
nobody can be able to talk about a part from saying thank you very much
you are so good and so nice
may the lord always keep you in perfect health so that you can continue
guiding us far and far as long as we can reach
thank you for listening to me.

pastor anniversary occasion speech

Our pastor and our mom
Invited guests
Fellow Christians
Young and old
I greet you in the name of Jesus
Let me start by thanking everyone
Who found time to come here
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ
Be with you all always
That you for showing your love
To this occasion and as we mark the anniversary
Of our pastor and the wife
We praise God for the divine guidance
That He has accorded as to be here today
To see this day with our own eyes
Let us praise our Loving Lord for the tender
Care and the free gift of life
That we have
We have seen each other a live today
We all know the great changes that we have seen
Since Dad and Mom started guiding our Church
We have really benefited from there wise counsel
And the love that they always show to us
We have really enjoyed their stay here
And as we celebrate their achievement today
We can echoes the wise word of Paul
That are found in the Holy scripture
That we have fought a good fight of faith
And we are all winners
We praise and glorify our savior for that
Let me finish by saying that
May the good Lord take care of us
And my keep on revealing great things
To our pastor and as pastor get support for the lovely wife
May we continue growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus
Forever and ever I say Amen

pastor anniversary occasion speech

Good-morning brethren of Christ,

Let me extend a warm welcome to all of you who have come to worship with us this day,

Indeed is a great day in our church because of the occasion that we have here today,

We want to thank our almighty God for allowing us to see this event that one of the moments in our lives,

As we celebrate this pastor anniversary in our church,

We want to remember the goodness of our Lord and the many good things done to us,

God has shown his love to us and has remained faithful to whatever prepared to us,

We want to say thank you to God and look forward to many plans that God has in store for us


Feel welcome and may the good Lord be with us as we celebrate together this occasion in this church

Be blessed in the Lord always.

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As far presenting the speech is concerned you need to choose a topic that fits the occasion well.

since you are celebrating the anniversary of your pastor in the church as an event.

Your choice of topic should be in line with that.

When presenting try to incorporate humor as you present.

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