pastor appreciation poems

Pastor appreciation poems comes in a variety depending on which one you are looking for but this page will narrow down and give you two types.

 Those that are bible based mostly taken from the chapters and verses then made into a poem and also those that have composed myself through inspiration.

Now let us start with my own composition and as have said from above these kind of poems are my own composition.

They serve well when you don't have time and want to have a ready to use poem during an occasion in your church that involves your pastor.

A committee that is organizing for the pastor appreciation day may pick you and ask you to provide a poem. This will come at hand when you don't have time to compose your own.

Here are the pastor appreciation poems have composed

You're an inspiration

Prophet Jeremiah through the inspiration
Of the Holy Spirit prophesied and said
God knew us even before we were born
And set us aside to use us in advancing
His purpose on earth

Since then many and women have talked
About the good news of the kingdom of God
And God himself has revealed many things
To us through the many people whom the bible
Records about

As we look unto this day
We want to praise our lovely God
For His wonderful grace that it is sufficient
We are full of joy because of his mercies

Pastor as we remember the way the Lord has used
You,we cannot stop praising his name for ever
We want to remember the great things He has spoken to us
Through you
The great sermons that we listen to every Sunday
You word of encouragement all the time
You caring heart and your love that you have shown to us
All the time   
We want to dedicate this day to remember you because
You accepted to be used by our almighty father the Lord
As we keep on calling upon His name this day
We want to say in one accord that may we live for ever
To witness even more.

Hope you have enjoyed the pastor appreciation poems

You were called
Our loving has called you here
To guide His people
To make them understand His word
And live a holy life

We thank you for your ministry
We thank you for your guidance
We are grateful that you are here with us
We appreciate the good work you are doing

We are happy for the word that you give us

Time and again
You are a wonderful pastor
Keep up the good work you are doing
We are happy for you

Our lovely God is always upon you
to guide you and show you mighty things
He led you to our Church
And we feel privileged having you here

we are grateful that you are here with us
to teach us the word of God
we are happy having you as our pastor
And we thank you for your ministry

Your guidance and care to us
we appreciate always
You always inspire us
and you know when to speak the caring word
you understand our feelings and we are very grateful

every member of this church is praying for you
right from the children,the youth,the women
and the old generation of our members
they are happy for being our pastor.

Pastor thank you very much

Thank you for being my pastor
will always remember you
for taking your time
to nourish us
you are a wonderful pastor

Pastor thank you very much
The way you preach to us
in a wonderful way
that is full of spirit

Thank you pastor for what you do to us
we really appreciate your dedication
thank you very much for the work
thank you pastor

We really appreciate
all that you are doing
through nurturing us spiritually
thanks for the visitation

More of pastor appreciation poems

Our loved pastor

Let us take this opportunity
To remember you
As our pastor
Since you joined us
You have been a blessing to us
We owe you appreciation pastor
Your tireless work that you have
Rendered to us since you joined us
We are very much grateful
We thank God for you
You have always shown us
How to live a godly life
You have shown us how to grow
As Christian and mature well
May God see you live many days
In the book of Jeremiah 29
You read in the eleventh chapter
We discover that God has great plans for us
And we appreciate God for what
He has done to you
Be blessed pastor
And live long to see more of your work spreading father
As you make disciples


We want to appreciate God
For His love and tender care
we praise Him and glorify Him

Thank you pastor
for the nice preaching that you always give us
we love you
thank you for your good attitude
we are very much grateful
may the grace of God be with you always

It is our sincere prayer unto God
that may He keep you always
may you live to inspire many
may you empower many
may you work spread go far and wide
we praise the Lord for you always
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pastor appreciation poems -bible based

Now we turn to the bible for some poems to share as a sign of appreciation to our pastor.

I took my time to pick the best words as expressed in the scripture to share with pastor.

Just pick any of the biblical pastor appreciation poems below here and share


Fathers(pastors), do not exasperate your children;

instead, bring them up in the training

and instruction of the Lord

May God bless you always our

loved pastor

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