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Below are sample remarks that can guide and help you as you welcome members and visitors to the sabbath school, how to welcome people to the sabbath school

Happy Sabbath everyone( expect the congregation to reply happy day )
Let us all thank our heavenly father for allowing us to meet today as we worship the Lord during this sabbath morning,
All the children and Adults who have managed to attend today's opening program may the good Lord be with you always.
I want to take this opportunity to welcome you all for this first program of the day according to today's worship before we go for the lesson studies.
This is the time when we need to reflect on our lives and see if we are always connecting the our Lord.
Feel welcome and stay blessed as we start the sabbath school in our church.

Happy Sabbath brethren
Let me take this opportunity to welcome each and everyone of you to this sabbath morning that the Lord has given us to come and worship Him,
I hope the Lord has taken care of you and guided you in your various activities you had through the week,
As we start the sabbath school of this day,it is my prayer that today's worship shall bring a great change in our souls so that we can have the character of the Lord Jesus, We are going to join our usual classes so that we can learn the lesson and the children department shall be with their teachers in the usual place.
May the love of God be with you as we learn of Him during this sabbath school program

sabbath school welcome remarks

Happy Sabbath children to the Most High!
What a joy to congregate this sabbath morning before we divide ourselves to our usual classes for the sabbath school,
Let us thank our heavenly father for keeping us in the perfect since we left here last sabbath,His goodness has been with us in our various activities through the week.
We want to thank the Lord for the worship which reminds us what Christ did on the cross,we are reminded that all is finished and we have the sabbath we know that we are all saved through the grace of God.
Let thank our Lord always and may we increase the knowledge of the Lord during this sabbath classes that are enriching and helpful in our Spiritual life.
May God be with you until we finish. Stay blessed in the Lord

Happy Sabbath, Happy Sabbath to you( the congregation will reply)

Let me take this sabbath morning that the Lord has given us to feel welcome to the presence of the Lord and may we receive the sabbath blessings that the Lord has prepared for us during this day.

Welcome and God bless you

Happy Sabbath Saints!

What a joy to congregate this sabbath morning as we share the love of God. Our Father in heaven gave us His Sabbath so that we can rest and reflect back on the redemption that we have been given free by the Lord.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome each and every one of you to today's programmes and may you feel at Jesus feet.

Happy Sabbath everyone!

I hope you had a fantastic week, we want to thank God for the rest that we have today, this reminds us the redemptive work that is in Jesus Christ, God gave us the Sabbath day not only we take this day as a day that we rest from our day to day work but also remember that is God who saves us, that is why God says remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy.

Let us obey God and be in him always.

Happy Sabbath!

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