60th church anniversary wishes

Here is the 60th church anniversary wishes to share with the church during the celebrations

We know how difficult it's to come up with a good message to wish the church during the anniversary and more so when celebrating the 60th anniversary.

Our work is to partner with you to make it happen because that is what we do.

Below you will find good and biblical messages that you can share, since you don't have time and can use that time to do other things or you are just new and don't know exactly what to say.

Here we go...

60th church anniversary wishes

Greetings in Jesus name

Through the mercies of our Lord Jesus I wan to join the rest of the brethren in wishing our church happy 60th anniversary that is being marked today, the journey has been long but we want to thank God for His faithfulness, He has been good and patient with all of us because He doesn't anyone to get lost, He love us and want us to be saved, we are grateful for the far that we have come and the far we are going, may the goodness of our Lord follow us wherever we shall be, be blessed as we celebrate this special day in our church.

Happy 60th anniversary

Greetings through the name of our Lord Jesus.

Today mark the 60th year since the foundation of the church was laid, we have seen the hand of the Lord from the beginning, there are many who started this journey but are not with us today because they have slept in the Lord, if they wake today and see the milestone that the journey has made they will thank the Lord for being faithful, even us who are here, if we sleep before the Lord comes, one day we shall be shown what the generations that are coming will be doing and shall praise the Lord forever, we are happy that God is with us and will never leave nor forsake us, happy 60th anniversary members


The Lord is good, and He is good always.

We are marking today 60 years of service in the vineyard of the Lord and want to appreciate each one of us for the contribution we have made in one way or another, our Lord has been good to us for the last 60 years and will be good too us for the next 60 years and beyond, let us dwell in unity always and love each other because our God is good and loves us all.

60th church anniversary wishes

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