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We’re so grateful that you decided to help empower the ministry to create more free speeches for everyone now and the next generation so that the church can be a better place for all of us.

Any amount will be apprecaited

Thank you for your interest to partner with us by  giving an offering to keep this organization running.

This site receives over 2000 Christians members from over 200 countries in the world who are looking for assistance on how to write an occasion speech.

We have also provided a contact form where you can contact us if you don't find the speech or remark for an occasion in the church.

Our goal is to reach as many Christian as possible who can find help in our place and the only ministry that cares is where you are now.

It takes time to create a good material that will be of help to someone important like you somewhere in this part of the world.

I would love you to partner with me to continue producing more quality church occasion and anniversary speeches that is available and accessible to anyone who has been tasked to deliver a good speech in the church.

As from experience you know that it is not easy to give a good speech for the first time that can move the congregation but with practice you can improve.

Now some of us we do it once and we move on. Meaning giving speeches is not a call to us but a once event.

I’m appealing to you that you can donate anything in support of more speeches that will be available for the generations to come so that our children cannot be struggling to give speeches the way we are struggling.

It is good to leave a place better than we found it.

If you are touched. Just click the donate button below and you will be taken to PayPal site to give your offering. PayPal is a trusted site that receives the offering on our behalf.

thank you for your support...

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