opening speech for church usher meeting

Looking for opening speech for church usher meeting?

Below is an opening speech sample that can help during the upcoming meeting in the church.

Our page caters for church members who is their first time they have been tasked or asked to give a speech in an occasion in the church.

We not only give you just an example speech but also help you to write one from scratch to feet the event you about to hold in the church.

Below is an opening speech for church usher meeting sample that can guide and help you.

opening speech for church usher meeting sample

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,

Let me take this precious moment that the Lord has given us to meet in this regular meetings we normally have as Ushers of this church.

We want to thank our Almighty God for allowing us to meet again as we share His love and also discuss issues concerning our department.

Let me as the Holy Spirit to guide and help us to start the meeting well and finish with love too.

Thank you all for finding time to be here and God bless you.

We hope the sample speech has inspired you and helped to prepare for the church meeting.

You can also save time if can contact us and we help you to write one that is specifically targeting the usher meeting,including the name of the church and so on. once you furnish us with all the details no sooner shall we prepare one for you.

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opening speech for church usher meeting

We trust and hope that our wonderful loving Father who is in heaven shall guide and be with you as you prepare for the usher meeting.

We are praying for you and may the will of God be seen during the day.

Have much confidence that the one who started the good work in you shall help you to finish it.

let us wish you all the blessings and may the name of the Lord be glorified during the usher meeting you will be having in the church.

We look forward having you visit our page and our site time and again so that we can grow together.

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opening speech of head usher

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus!

I feel humbled for this wonderful chance and provision that the Lord has granted to me to stand before you today to give this opening speech to our Usher meeting.

Let me thank each and every one of you for making on time, may the good Lord bless you abundantly.

As we start this meeting, we want to ask our dear loving Lord to take over and guide us until we finish.

We have so much that we are going to talk about and without wasting,let me welcome each and every one of you to feel at Jesus feet.

Thank you and God bless you.

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