Thank you note to church congregation

Here is the thank you note to church congregation to show appreciation of what they did to you recently

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I will forever remain grateful to our Almighty God for the grace that He has given us, is not that we are good but He has accepted us the way we are, I want to take this precious moments to say thank you to each and every one of you for sparing your time and come and visit me as a church, your presence and the gifts you showered me when I Christened my baby will forever remain in my memory and the memory of my daughter, I have faith in the Lord that our good Lord will guide here to grow in His ways always and will forever learn to walk according to His statutes, let me say thank you for the prayers and continue praying for my daughter always.

Have always remained thankful to God for giving me a church that have come to call home, let me take this wonderful opportunity bestowed upon me to salute each and every one of you for coming in a larger number during my graduation, I was in tears when I saw familiar faces smiling to me and just whispered a word of prayer to thank God for showing mercies to me, to all those who managed to attend may our good Lord bless you abundantly and keep you in perfect, there is no church like our church the mountain of the Lord ministries, keep up with the same spirit of taking into consideration the church members, you are a wonderful family and will always invite more members to join the church. God bless you all and above all fill you with overwhelming heavenly blessings.

Thank you note to church congregation

Pastor and the family of Going to Zion church, let me salute you all in the name of Jesus, I declare that Jesus is the Lord, first I want to thank God for showing and granting me the much needed privilege of being called her daughter and for giving me a chance to be a church members in this church, I want to also to thank the whole congregation church for coming together to overwhelmingly support my fundraising of my son who is proceeding for the mission work in Africa, your prayers and well wishes did a miracle, I pray that you continue with the same spirit and God  be with you always

Thank you note to church congregation

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