welcome speech for church revival

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church revival welcome speech

welcome speeches for church revival

Here is a  free welcome speech ready so that you can use as you begin your revival in the church. Pray that the Almighty Father may guide you to have a success in the revival.

church revival welcome speech

welcome speech for church revival

our serving pastor,the invited guests who have joined us today as we begin this revival in our church.

We want to thank the Lord for allowing us to be alive so that we can praise and bring glory unto Him.

I hope all those who have joined us today will see the need for us as a church to have a revival so that we can go back to the love that is shown in the scripture.

The love of God is always with us because the scripture has told us that God first loved us while we were still sinners and gave His only begotten son Jesus Christ so that anyone who will believe in Him shall not perish but will have Eternal life that the Lord Father Has prepared for us through Jesus Christ.

May the Love of God help us see the need so that we can all renew and revive so that we can start believing on His love and then we can enjoy all the benefits that are in Jesus Christ.

As a Church we can say that God love us and has remained faithful to us always in all that we have as a church.

Feel welcomed as we start this revival time in our church and it is my sincere prayer that our eyes may open so that all of us in this church we can all benefit because God has already moved to provide a way.

Thank and God bless you always.

welcome speech for church revival

church revival welcome speech

I greet you in the mighty  name of Jesus!

Today we are starting a great event in this church as the Lord says we change our mind through repentance, the church has decide to organize a revival that will last for a whole week.

Every day we shall have great topic and in our midst we have invited a speaker whom the Lord has anointed to come and speak to us.

I want to ask you that you pray for this event so that the will of God may come to pass.

Without wasting time let me invite our pastor to come and speak to us then open officially this revival week.

Pastor welcome.


We hope the above speech has served you well.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best as you start the revival in your church and want to ask our heavenly Father to fill you with the Holy spirit as you look forward to the harvest.

We are praying for you.

God bless you

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