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Annual choir day occasion speech sample

Brothers and sister in the Lord, good morning!

What a joy in my heart to stand before you at this hour to say thank you for coming to celebrate with us this annual event in our church. We want to take this opportunity to thank our heavenly Father for granting this mercies that have enabled us to see this day together.

We have been praying for it and we are very happy that finally it is here and we are going to enjoy what is in store for us,

Briefly,I want to bring to your attention that we invited many choirs including the neighboring ones and we can confirm that all are in attendance,therefore we are going to have a joyful day that we have never seen in our lives.

Those who attended the last years one and you are in the congregation, can testify that we had a wonderful moments and we are very happy that this year occasion will be better.

We have many activities that are going to guide us as we share this love and not counting the many songs that we melt our hearts as we praise our Father who is in heaven.

I want to conclude by saying that,let the will of God be done as we celebrate this day.

Stay blessed and God love you.

speech for church choir patron

Here is the speech for church choir patron that can assist you during the occasion in church...

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus! How are you?

Let me take this opportunity to thank our heavenly Father for the wonderful love shown to us today, let me take this precious moments as the patron of the church choir to welcome you all to our annual choir day in the church.

We have been planning for this day and want to thank the Lord for granting it to us. We have lined up several activities ahead of us that are going to enable us to praise and glorify the Lord for the mercies upon our lives.

The Lord has commanded us in the book of Ephesians 5:19 which says and I quote..speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit. Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord.

And the theme of this year's choir day is "MAKE MUSIC FROM YOUR HEART"

Thank you all for finding time to be and we give God honor and glory.

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Otherwise we want to wish you a success as you mark the annual event in your church and may the Holy Spirit guide and be with all through.

We are also praying to the attendants so that God can be with them and they can attend in large numbers.

All those you have invited to speak, may our good Lord give them the word to speak in season.

A word that will make all those who attend move closer the kingdom of God.

Finally may you enjoy the sweet music from the church choir and all the choirs you have invited for the day, so that the songs can bring glory and honor to God.

Let the love of God be with your church and from our site here, we are praying for the success of the programs that you have put in place.

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Let us wish you all the best as you prepare for the occasion.

We are praying for the occasion and may the will of God be done during the occasion as you sing and praise the Lord.

Otherwise may the love of God be with you always.

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