church anniversary greetings

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church anniversary greetings

Congratulations! for adding another year of the service in the vineyard of our master the Lord. We want to rejoice together for what the Lord has done to the church at large. Stay blessed and God be with you.


Hallelujah! for what the Lord has done to you as you celebrate this anniversary. We want to pray that the grace of God to abound more as you share this love during this occasion. Glory to God.

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After many people asked us how they can be able to write a greeting on their own. We decided to help them by writing a guidance that is step by step.

Once you get the guiding eBook, you can be able to follow the detailed explanation that will give you a total control, whereby you can go back and forth as you dig deeper to get the deep insight that will help you ready to deliver the church anniversary greetings as you are required by the church.

The book solve a lot of headache that majority who are first timers go through.

We understand the agony and that is why we produced the step by step process that is self learning.

If you can't manage then we give you a chance to contact us and we can be able to write one for you from scratch, what we only need is your details and the information you want included in the greetings and there you have what you are looking for.

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