sample occasion speech for women's day program

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As you prepare for the woman's day in the church, many plannings must be put in place and from us here we want to make sure the speeches and poems are ready for your use so that you don't waste a lot of time thinking what you can do.

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sample occasion speech for women's day program

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus, good morning( You can change based on the time that you delivering the speech)

Allow me to welcome you all to this great day in our church when we are celebrating the women of this church, the Lord has been good to us and enabled us to congregate here again since we did the same last year.

This is a an annual event in this church and many of you have attended it before have had a better picture of what it entails and I want to promise you that this year's event is very different from what we had before, because each year we built it using the previous experience and want to assure that our eyes have opened and we have improved on what we had last.

It is great honor to witness this occasion in our church knowing that besides the normal worship we always have in our church, such days comes with great blessings and as you can witness we have many women than any other days,

They have organized and put in place many exciting programs that will built our faith in Jesus Christ, so that we can be reminded that in Jesus no Jew, no gentile ,no slave,master, male or female but all in Christ.

This is a great assurance that the presence of God is with us and our women in this church and from many other areas who have come to grace to occasion are here with a  purpose and we are going to witness,

We have many more speeches lined us and we sure that we are going to blessed during this women's day being held in our church.

Let me welcome you to this women's day and may the love of God be with you as you enjoy what we have in place.

Feel at Jesus feet.

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