sample revival church welcome speeches

Looking for sample revival church welcome speeches for your church.Below here are samples to look at.

church anniversary welcome speeches

Ladies and gentleman,

Fellow members of our church

I greet you all in the name of Jesus that our Heavenly Father has given us

Let me take this opportunity to welcome each and every one of you to this special occasion

In our church this day

Let me thank the organizers of this day for making it possible for us to celebrate this day that is very important in our church calendar,

We can all remember what the Lord has done to us all and as the body of Christ we can say thank you to the Lord for what He has done to us.

Let us thank the Lord for allowing us to grow in reaps and bounds to reach where we are today

We thank God for the grace that is enabling us to achieve many things in our church today

Let us thank the Lord for His wonderful mercies that he has for us

Let me welcome the visitors who have come to celebrate with us and special guests who have come to join us during this special occasion as we start the revival in our church.

I know through the love of God that we are going to enjoy this day and mark it in a marvelous way so that we  can make it good more than it was last years

I take this chance to welcome all of you and feel at Jesus feet as we celebrate this day together.

sample revival church welcome speeches

occasion speech for church anniversary

occasion speech for church anniversary

our serving pastor, the retired pastor who are present here today, our overseer pastor,

invited guests and fellow church members,

let us thank our almighty Father God who is watching over His word to make sure it accomplishes what He send it to do(Jeremiah 1:12)

as you all can see everybody has waited anxiously for this day to come and we want to thank God that finally it is here with us

we have waited for it to come as a church for a whole year and finally we can thank God that the grace that He has given us has enabled us to see this day.

As we get ready for the revival in our church. We want to thank the Lord for guiding us this far.

What a joy in our hearts

With much welcome from our hearts as the organizers of this day let me say feel welcome and feel that you are loved as you celebrate with us here today

We have many activities that have been arranged for this day. We are going to have a sermon from our pastor, a dedication speech from the overseeing pastor.

Many memory verses from church members who will grace this day.

Let me welcome our serving pastor to guide us what to do next as we commence this day.

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welcome speech for Church revival

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