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Looking for short Easter speeches for church?

Thank you for visiting our page to look for a good speech and more so a short one to share during the Easter occasion in the church.

This being a very important event in the church calendar,

When we remember the crucification and resurrection of the Jesus.

We all know that it is a period when we need to share the love of God because the cross reminds us what God did to us through Jesus.

Therefore you stand to speak have it mind that. it is all about love and let us thank God in all that we do.

Find the short Easter speeches for the church below.

short Easter speeches for church sample #1

My Fellow church members,I greet you in the name of the Lord,good morning,
Let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to this Easter occasion in our church,
It a great honor to congregate here today as we commemorate what happened on the cross over 2000 years a go
When Jesus went to the cross to die for all our sins so that we can all be saved,
It is the mercy of the Lord that through that we are here now called sons and daughters of the most High because of Jesus Christ
Therefore as we remember that let us all reflect if we have accepted the ransom that was paid by Jesus.
Feel welcome and God be with you all always.

Below here is also another sample to have a look at that can guide you to write one for the occasion.

sample #2

Good morning everyone,
When I was looking at the Calendar today,
It dawned on me that today is Easter times and I'm happy to stand before you to welcome you all to this service that we have today,
As we share and remember the love of God, let this period be dedicated in doing good so that we can show the whole world that Jesus died and resurrected and he is alive today.
Welcome and feel at Jesus feet.

Hope you have found the short Easter speeches for church you have are looking for.You can also find great information for the Easter occasion including poems and the rest.

Look at this information in other pages in our site here.

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