congratulations message for pastor

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congratulations message for pastor

Congratulations! on your confirmation to the new station. We have been praying for the Lord to open new doors and finally our loving Father has answered our prayers, all of us are happy for you and may our good Lord give you more strength to continue serving in the vineyard as you feed the sheep, God bless you


Congratulations! We were very much overwhelmed with joy to here of good-news that you are going to be ordained as a pastor, it is a rare occasion to witness such a privilege you will be accorded on earth as part of the ministerial work you are doing on behalf of the Lord, we thank our God for everything and may the day be of great blessings as many come to witness, we assure you that we are going to be there and are praying for you


Congratulations on finishing from the seminary and as you embark on the work of pastoral, we are  praying that may the good Lord fill you with wisdom and knowledge to lead the people of God with a skillful heart. You deserve it and God bless you in the new assignment.

congratulations on becoming a pastor

Congratulations! The Lord is good,We are very much happy to the Lord for being faithful and making you one of the fishers of men, it is our prayer that the good Lord keep filling you with the knowledge of truth as you bless more people in the vineyard of the Lord.God bless you

words of congratulations to a pastor

Congratulations pastor as you mark 20 years of service, may the good Lord be with you ans your family as you serve the people He has given, may He fill you with wisdom and knowledge to be able to make the best decisions that pleases the Lord

congratulation message for a newly ordained pastor

congratulations message for pastor

As you get ordained today may the spirit of Abraham, take control through the promise that was given by God long time ago, may the love of God guide you always and lead you to greater heights forever in Jesus name I believe.

Congratulations!  on your ordination as a pastor, you deserve it, it has been a long journey but the grace of God has enabled you to go through, as you start a new journey may the good Lord be on your side and shower you with much blessings as you bless others.God bless you always

congratulation message to a new priest

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you for the heavy responsibility that the Lord has given you. May the love of God be upon you as you endeavor to serve in the new role of priesthood that the Lord has bestowed upon your shoulders. I'm praying for you and may the grace of God be with you always.

God bless you.

May our good Lord be with you always

congratulations message for pastor

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