prayer for pastor appreciation

Here is the sample prayer for pastor appreciation day for the opening and closing

A church member wrote to us through the contact form and request for a sample pray to offer during the pastor appreciation day in church and we saw it best to share with you too.

Landing at our page means you are also looking for a sample prayer for the appreciation day and we thank you for visiting our page.

We have just share a sample of what you expect to pray and the wording might change according to the setting.

Here is the opening and closing prayer sample for the day

prayer for pastor appreciation

Opening prayer for pastor appreciation day

Our heavenly Father, through the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we want to thank you for allowing us to come before you this day, a day when we are celebrating and appreciating our pastor, we have traveled from far and wide to be here to share the love you have given us with our pastor, we have congregated here with one accord to thank you for our pastor, as we start this program,we want to ask you to guide and be with us until we finish, thank you for the guest and every one of us who is present here, thank you for the Holy Spirit that is ministering to us, be with us from now until we finish in Jesus name we pray and believe.Amen

Closing prayer for pastor appreciation

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, we are privileged to come before you as a church when we have come together to celebrate the work you have given our pastor in our church, thank you for the programs and activities that we have had today, we have shared so much and want to thank you for the opportunity, the day has ended and want to praise you for what has happened, bless each one of us and even the work we do in various places,as we leave here be with us until another day in Jesus name we pray and believe.Amen


Lord of mercy, thank you for being with us this day when we are appreciating the work you have given our pastor do to in our church, I want to pray also many other pastors who are being appreciated this day, be with them in Jesus name.Amen

Dear loving Father who is in heaven, we want to thank you for bringing us together to this celebration, a day when we are appreciating our pastor for the ministry you gave him of serving us in this church, as we share the love that you have given, we thank and praise you, thank you for the care and love that you have for us, your mercies and goodness endures forever, thank you for hearing and answering our prayer through the name of our Lord Jesus we pray and believe.Amen

prayer for pastor appreciation

As you mark the pastor appreciation day, may the goodness of the lord be with you and your fellow church members

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