closing remarks for church program

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closing remarks for church program

Closing remarks for church anniversary

Giving closing remarks after the church program requires one to be sensitive and brief to the point.

The congregation have been listening through the services and many are tired now.

It is good to show some caring and let the Holy Ghost guide you as you close the program.

That is why as you have seen from the closing remarks that we have given above.

It is brief and to the point.

It encourages the worshipers to come again for the church service and also thank them for finding time to come and fellowship with you.

This is not the time to preach but to release and thank all those who participated to make the church program a success.

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Closing remarks for church anniversary

Closing remarks for church anniversary #1

Our dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We want to thank each and everyone of you for finding time to come and worship with us today.

It was a great honor to have you come to fellowship with us. We all know that we are bound by the grace of God always to share Christ's love.

As we disperse from here today,let me ask you all to go with the love of God and may you continue praying for our church so that we can grow from one glory to another.

Until next time when we shall meet here again so that we can worship our heavenly God, Thank you very much and be blessed always.

closing remarks for church program Sample #2

Our invited guests,members of the church and all protocol observed,

What a joy in our heart for what the Lord has done to us today,

We prayed and asked the Lord to guide us in this church program

And all of us can see what the Lord has done,

We have finished well and want to praise Him for the mercies,

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who found time to come and grace the occasion,

All those who went an extra mile to make a contribution to the program may God bless you abundantly,

As I conclude this closing remarks may I also thank the Holy Spirit for the divine guidance,

Thank you all and stay blessed.

closing remarks for church program # sample 3

Here is a closing remarks for a church program.

I greet you through the name of our Lord Jesus,good evening?

What a joy the Lord has given us this day,a day we always looked forward to and today we have witnessed His mercies that is forever,

We have really enjoyed the programs of the day and let me thank all those who participated in making sure that we have succeeded.

May God bless you abundantly.

Also those who found time to come and grace this occasion,may you receive double portions from the Lord. Whatever you do may it be blessed.

Thank you all for listening to me and God bless you very much.

closing speech for church conference

Greetings in Jesus name!

It's a great honor to be given this opportunity by my heavenly Father to stand before you at this hour as we close this conference, I count it a blessing to give closing remarks.

What a joy to have a had this fellowship, we have shared,enriched and even encouraged one another.

I want to thank the organizers of this conference right from the initiation team to our speakers for finding time and making it possible for us to be here and may our good Lord bless you.

As we leave here we thank our host church and  we pray for  blessings to be showered to them always.

God bless you all and great your home church when you go back

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