pastor anniversary tributes samples

The following are the pastor anniversary tributes samples to share in church during the occasion.

As a pastor I’m very much grateful for visiting my site and below here you will find useful guidelines that can enable you show your pastor that you love him and you care for him very much.

This is not exception..we pastors love to be appreciated. Please don’t tell your pastor I told you this. Keep it a secret. Right!


Here are the samples

Dear pastor,

I'll be forever be grateful to you. You are such an inspiring person have ever found in this world. The Angels in heaven can bear me witness. You are so loving and caring. May you live to inspire men just like you have done.

Dear pastor,

Thank you being an example to us. I loved your sermons and your encouragement. I sat there listening to you always and felt inspired by you. Thank you and God bless you.

Your daughter,Jane

Let us go on now. Many times we fail to know what to give our pastor as a show of appreciation. We try very much but because of the much love that we have to our pastor. We feel that we need to do more than we can imagine. That is ok.


Never allow that to put you down and feel that you have not done enough to your pastor. As a pastor I will very much appreciate the small thing that you do.

Do you know that even a smile matters a lot. That is enough to feel that you have done something. And if you want to go an extra mile and surprise your pastor then you can do any of what have shared below here.

Plan and have a big card to make your pastor tribute unique …

This will be a big surprise. Imagine a big card written

pastor anniversary tributes samples

Here are pastor anniversary tributes samples that is humorous

Listening to you as you preach to us every Sunday, always touches my heart and am grateful to my heavenly Father for the wonderful love He has for us, I pray that He keeps in perfect peace always as you lead the church to greater heights that God intended.

We love you pastor.

You can carry it around the street to show the world how much you care for your pastor. The timing is very important. Let it be unique. So that it can be memorable.

I love a congregation that is creative and want to do something that will last for long.

You can carry your pastor to church….

This can be done when he is not aware. You make arrangement and then you visit him in his house. Make sure you arrive early and make everything ready. During that time. Carry him to church as you sing his favorite song. This will last in his memory forever.

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pastor anniversary tributes samples

Below are more pastor anniversary tributes samples

Tribute to my pastor How can I pay tribute to my pastor? Well thank God for visiting the Christian personal growth site for ideas on how to pay tribute to your pastor.

 These are only guidelines and not laws that we can follow religiously.

Have highlighted here what can make me happy and I think also your pastor will enjoy this tips.

Above all let your heart guide you on what you think is best for your pastor because we can from different areas around the world which make us unique

God intended it to be that way so that we can be able to appreciate one another.


Let us look at some of the ideas that you can use to pay tribute to your pastor.

It is a way in which we can tell the whole world how much we love our pastor. Let everyone out there know that you have a favorite pastor in the whole world.

This will make your pastor feel happy about you and also you will raise his morale of serving you.

The point is to brag about your pastor for the world to know. As a mother I know how much you feel good about your children and I know this is the extension you are making to your pastor in your local church.

Post the name of your pastor in your Facebook page

What a great idea. You can post the name of your pastor in the status update for your friends to know how much you love your pastor.

Share his pastor quote or verse from the bible that he loves and comment about it. It is fun.

You can also twit about his favorite sermon.

Your friends need to know that you love your pastor and he is your favorite. Let them know through you twitting his name and even mentioning what he loves.

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