pastor appreciation

pastor appreciation

 is very important event in the church calender for the following reasons:

  • because it build a gateway that connects the pastor the pastor and the congregation at large
  • it also brings together families that can be able to know each other and the important role that pastor plays in their lives
  • it creates unity in the kingdom of God because many families gather together to share love because of the occasion
  • it shows the children as to why they need to respect those who are in the authority and honor them as well as following their example
  • it helps young people to have a role model to look after so that they can understand how the kingdom of God functions
  • it also provides a platform of trust amongst church members because it is a way in which they are thought on how to be great disciples of Christ through pastor.
  • It raises the esteem of church members through participation because they feel ownership to the event and therefore make it there own .

What to remember when planning for the process.

  • Give attention to details, many people regret later for not paying attention to details. Therefore in order to avoid that start planning earlier if possible.
  • Form a planning team to help you come up with activities and assign them.
  • Utilize the theme of the event and let it be the guide all through
  • get as many people as you can so that they can help you in carrying out different types of programs of the day
  • prepare a checklist to guide and make sure all the assignment are covered well
  • involve the congregation. Make sure you provide the information about the activities and how they can give support.
  • Don't forget to advertise about the event. You can use posters,church bulletin,announcement,newspaper or ads.
  • Make sure you conduct practice session in regard to all presentations,performance assignments and as well as physical arrangement if possible
  • get the support materials in the earliest date to avoid the last minute disappointments.
  • Make sure you don't forget to dedicate the event through prayer and also tell members to pray about it.

plays for pastor appreciation

We love you pastor

and we thank the Lord

on your behalf always

what a joy to have you in

our church as our pastor

you always inspire us

you always motivate us

and you are so caring

we thank the Lord always

for having you in our church

everybody always

looks forward to hear and

listen to your sermon

you empower us

with your edifying word

may you be blessed always

we praise and glorify the lord

we thank Him and say Amen

always for using you

to guide us a a church

may you live long to inspire many


Each morning when I wake

I praise my Lord

and say thank you lord

for another day

many people look forward to seeing

another day but they dont

it is by the grace of the Lord that

we are alive

we thank Him and praises His name

Those are the starting statements from

our pastor who is also our spiritual daddy

we love you always

because you know how to approach

your congregation

we thank the Lord

and praise His name.

Many church fail to plan early on the appreciation month and are caught up with the last-minute rush which is not good at all.

Let us know that we are serving a living God who is a God of order.

Instead of rushing in the last-minute let us see what you can do to make sure you have planned it well to have success in this month of clergy appreciation month.

Planning ideas

  • Begin your plans early, since some ideas

can require a substantial amount of time

to develop.

Select a weekend service in October to honor

your entire leadership staff as a congregation.

Select a Clergy appreciation month planning committee to oversee

preparations for this event. Ideally, the

committee should be representative of all

members of the congregation (i.e., age, race,

gender, church activity), but should remain

small enough to be effective and efficient.

Plan the details. Your goal is to express

appreciation to your entire pastoral staff and

their families. List the specific activities you

want to undertake to achieve this goal.

Delegate the responsibilities. Assign the

responsibility for each activity on your list to

one person. This person may need to enlist the

assistance of others in the congregation, but

making one person accountable will improve

your results. Also, be sure to involve those

under the direct ministry of staff pastors, such

as calling on youth group members to help

honor a youth pastor.

Communicate your plans to those in your

congregation and community.

Promote your activities. Carefully determine

the best means to promote your activities and

encourage participation.

Monitor your progress. Be sure that each

responsible person on your planning team

reports his or her progress at regular

intervals. Avoid a surprise resulting from a

last-minute crisis.

Thank the participants. Make sure that each

person who helped plan, prepare, decorate,

serve, lead, entertain, speak, clean up, etc.,

knows how significant his or her contribution

was to the success of your celebration activities.

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