Thank you letter to church

Are you looking for a thank you letter to church examples to help you appreciate church members for what they did? maybe they volunteered,donated or did some help and want to write a letter...

Below here is a list of sample letters to church  that you can choose from and be helped to write one for the occasion according to the need you have.

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Examples of  letters to the church to thank them

Thank you letter to church for prayers

Dear fellow church members

Receive Calvary greetings!

Let me take this precious moments to thank the Lord who is in heaven for the gift of life.

Let me take this opportunity the Lord has given me to say thank you for the prayers you offered am very much overwhelmed by your concern and helping me lift up the prayer request to our heavenly Father.

May our Lord be upon each and every one of you and keep up the same spirit always.


Yours in the Lord

(Your name here)

Thank you letter to church members after funeral

Dear Church members

Receive Calvary greetings!

Let me first take this precious opportunity to thank our Lord in heaven who takes care of us day and night for the love.

Let me also take this chance to thank my fellow church members for the wonderful love showed to me in time of need, I was overwhelmed my tears of joy when most of you called and to comfort me during the dark time we had as a family recently.

Thank you for your prayer and support you gave. As a family we don't have much to say but want to pray to our Lord to reward and bless you abundantly.

God bless you and thank you very much.

Your fellow church member in the Lord

(Insert your name here)

Church thank you letter for donation

Dear church members

Receive Calvary greetings

I lack words to write to you but let me first thank our Father in heaven who created us for this chance that I have to express my sincere appreciation to the church.

I feel happy in my happy as I'm writing to you for what you did recently when I needed help. It was beyond my believe to see many of the church members coming forward to donate whatever that the Lord has blessed them with.

May our good Lord bless and add more.

Thank you and receive more love from me

Your fellow church member

(Insert your name here)

Thank you letter to church for wedding

Here is the thank you letter to church for wedding help...


Greeting in Jesus name!

I feel privileged to write this appreciation letter personally to the whole church for the recent help you extended to me when I was conducting a wedding.

I want to thank the Church on behalf of the church for the wonderful support accorded to me, God used you mightily and may you keep up with the same spirit.

I'm requesting you to keep on praying for our new journey that we have just started so that we can enjoy this wonderful gift of marriage that the Lord has given us.

God bless you always.

Your in the Lord

(Your name here)

thank you letter to church volunteers


Receive Calvary greetings!

Let me take this precious moments of writing to thank our dear loving Father for the gift of life and the privilege of friendship.

Recently when we had a local tournament for our Youth group and we want someone to help in supplying the flyers because we are a charitable organization.

We were very happy to see youths from your church volunteering to do it on our behalf. As an organization want to say thank you to the youths of the church and it really touched us.

God bless you and keep up the good work you are doing in serving the less privileged in the community.

Yours sincerely

thank you letter to church family

Dear Fellow church members

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

I'm very much privileged to have a such wonderful family that I associate with, let me take this wonderful chance that the Lord has given me to pass my regards to you, hope the Lord has kept you strong since you my house recently.

It was nice to see you all come to see me while was having a bed rest after suffering a fracture that I had at my work place.

Thank you for the prayers you offered and may the good Lord be with you always.

Thank you and God bless you

thank you letter from pastor to congregation

thank you letter for ushers at funeral

Here is an example of thank you letter for ushers at funeral

We hope the above sample thank you letters have served you well.

Our purpose is to show you how to write and at the same time allow you to give us an opportunity so that we can be able to write one that will suit the occasion of your church and serve the purpose you intended it to do

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