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choir anniversary occasion speech -Sample speech

Good morning and warm welcome to everyone who has found time to be here this morning to celebrate with us this special anniversary in our church.

what a wonderful opportunity and chance that the Lord has given us to gather here as a brothers and sisters in Christ.

We welcome you all as we share this love that the Lord has bestowed upon us this day.

This day we have lined up many activities full of love,being the choir day in our church we have lot of singing and praises from may choirs that we invited today here to celebrate with us.

We are going to have a wonderful fellowship that we remain in our memories for many days to come.

We are setting a mark today and when we meet again the coming year for another occasion in the church we know we should have grown through the grace of God.

Let me welcome you with a smile knowing that the presence of our Lord is with us until we finish.

Feel at Jesus feet.

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